A less worried blogger would not hesitate to announce something like, “Wednesdays will be TIP DAY!”  Then every Wednesday, followers could count on getting a tip that offers a way to deal with worry.  But imagine what it would do to a worrywart like me if on a Wednesday I couldn’tworry wart dog Newman's Own Organics Adult Dog Food Formula post a tip because my beagle-basset Casey got his head stuck in an empty bag of dog food and developed an air pocket in his stomach that I thought was a tumor and we had to spend the whole day at the vet and pay more money than it costs for a weekend in Atlantic City, like happened last fall.

Not only that, when I began thinking about a weekly tip, I checked out The Happiness Project blog where Gretchen Rubin cranks out not just a single tip, but multiple tips for her Wednesday Tips column.  Once she had 15 tips to avoid nagging.  And that’s the thing.  Her tips are not just general how-to-be-happy tips, she comes up with different categories each week, like “19 tips for cheering yourself up—from 200 years ago.”

Happiness tips and worry tips have a lot in common;  both aim to make you feel better.  (Does anyone feel genuinely happier when worrying?)  For example, here’s a hybrid happiness-deal-with-worry tip that works for me:  When you have too much to do, look at your to-do list to see what you can put off until tomorrow, then don’t worry about it and use any excess time to have some fun today.

Even though I just noticed that Gretchen recently posted Wednesday Tips on a Thursday (she’s so much more laid back than I am), my other Confessions of a Worrywart random-day tip for getting your mind off worry is to read The Happiness Project on Tip Day.

P.S.  Naturally I’m worried you’ll think Gretchen is, say, my neighbor or my kid’s teacher and that I have some reason to promote her.  We’ve never met.  I’m just obsessed with her blog.

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