Ever since beginning this blog, I’ve become a repository for friends’ and family members’ unnerving scenarios. Just last month my youngest daughter called from Minnesota to say she was reading a review in a Duluth newspaper of The Hypochondriac’s Handbook: Syndromes, Diseases, and Ailments that Probably Should Have Killed You By Now. “I wouldn’t have even read this article, Mom, if it weren’t for your blog.”

You can read more on Huffington Post.  For selective reading, I am providing below the unnerving scenarios I discuss in the article.

1.  Hypochondriac’s Handbook

2.  Projectiles in cars

3.  China’s environment and sluggish fish

4. Doggie door, hide-a-key, porch swings

5.   Deterring robbers

6.   Baby Body Signs, benefits of drinking

7.   6-year-olds needing bras

8.   Plastic containers

9.   Bedbug TMI

10. Offshore drilling

–Worrywart’s friends’ blogging advice

–Optional disturbing details from Hypochondriac’s Handbook

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