Ok, I’m trying to get this right with my blogging in 3 different places (Worrywart, Huffinton Post and Home Goes Strong). I tweet my new posts, I facebook my new posts, my dear daughters do the same, I link one post to the next and when I start a new project, like the semi-weekly home column, I email friends (cringing a bit at the thought of oversaturating them and then having the next thought that people will find it too wearisome to be my friend anymore, the same way they’d want to keep their distance if they thought I had bedbugs jumping around in my pockets, which I read about in Saturday’s New York Times.)

Today my Worrywart subscribers received news of my first Home Goes Strong post, Should I Buy into Feng Shui (Do I, right this minute, link to my previous post? To the article? To the Website? All of the above?).Worrywart Go Go Cupcake Holder Twin Pack And the reason I am writing this very post is to tell you about my piece “18 Life Lessons From Friends and Family” that I uploaded just now on Huff Po. (That article also links to my feng shui article on Home Goes Strong.  If this sounds confusing, imagine how it’s all wrapping around my broiled brain like a mobius strip.)

Anyway, you can read my Life Lessons that include things like, “If you don’t carry a wallet, you won’t lose your wallet.”  But for those of you who are less absent-minded than I am, there is something for everyone. Like, “Eat more pink cupcakes and they taste better when you give a friend the bigger half.”  Also, you have my blessings to use these lessons as though they came from your very own friends and family if, for instance, you have to give a bar mitzvah speech.

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