J&J Baby Shampoo - 1 PackThis afternoon I knew my taxi would arrive in ten minutes to take me to the train for a few days in New York. I always worry about being late for the train, late for the taxi, late for whatever. And, I worry that my regular taxi driver won’t show up or will come late as has happened in the past, but I so enjoy talking to him about everything…from his days as a truck driver to his Sunday crab barbecue…that I continue to use his service. For peace of mind, I ask him to arrive 10 minutes before I need him and then, not meaning to, I’m usually just finishing up walking the dog and end up being 5 minutes late.

Anyway, today, with 10 minutes till taxi time, I decided I had to wash my hair and this brings me to my first time-saving tip, which you can implement whether you are short on time or not.  While waiting for the shower to warm up, I applied shampoo to my dry hair and rubbed it in, then I hopped in the shower, rinsed my hair and, with the foamy run off, washed my body (all of which took less than two minutes). I learned the foamy runoff trick from my first husband who always washed hair and body with Johnson & Johnson Baby Shampoo. What is it with my ex-Crest Glide Dental Floss Deep Clean, Mint - 1 ea 16.4 ydhusbands and J & J Baby Shampoo, as that was also ex #2’s choice of hair product?

Rushing around in the bathroom reminded me of my second time-saving tip. This one is especially useful for getting to bed a little faster, which is a constant source of anxiety for me. The bedtime tip is to floss two teeth at a time. My daughters tell me they can’t make that happen and I tell them I can’t make one tooth at a time happen. When I try to reach all the way in the back, there’s no room for two fingers to work the floss.  You can experiment, but you should need around 12-14 inches of floss. You wrap each end around an index finger and work the floss between between the backmost teeth on each side simultaneously with your thumbs. Over time, you’ll get used to working it back and forth, up and down as you move forward capturing each pair of back teeth. The front few teeth I floss one at a time.

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