The Elements of Style (4th Edition)

Everyone has been inviting me to their Ugly Sweater Parties.

Everyone has been inviting me to his or her Ugly Sweater Party.

Even though “everyone” sounds like a truckload of folks, the singular “his or her” is grammatically correct. (Worried, I confirmed this with the grammar police.)

“Their” sounds more conversational. But if I use “their,” will you think I don’t know better? Is it better to write it right and sound awkward? I choose conversational, but I worry what you’ll think.

I wanted you to know I know how to write it right. Just sayin’. . .

Speakin’ of usage, I just looked up “just sayin'” because I was itchin’ to use it and wasn’t sure I was usin’ it right. Still not sure.

From Urban Dictionary (If not interested skip down to “BTW“):


1. a phrase used to diffuse any ill feelings caused by a preceded remark.

2. a term coined to be used at the end of something insulting or offensive to take the heat off you when you say it.

3. This term is used after you inject your statement/opinion into a conversation. Generally, this statement/opinion is non-factual, so by saying “just sayin'”, you are clarifying that this statement/opinion is unprovable and it is just a thought off the top of your head.
BTW, no one has invited me to their Ugly Sweater Party. Just sayin’ . . .

I hope everyone will weigh in with their comments!


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