Hobogies-wrap in foil and grill
Hobogies-add oil, vinegar, soy sauce, wrap in foil and grill

Welcome to my periodic series: Antidote to Worry (oh dear, is that now a commitment?), in which I highlight food I ate over the weekend.

Consider it a “Worry Break,” as in one of my Tip Day tips.

Plus, much to my pleasure and surprise, I turn out to be a food writer, among other things on the NBC Website Home Goes Strong, my specialty being recipes that are generally quick, easy and healthful–often but not always vegan or vegetarian–with not a lot of ingredients and no lemongrass or other stuff you wouldn’t find at the average A & P.

Also, whenever possible, I subscribe to creative measuring.

This weekend my daughter and I made hobogies, whose ingredients you can see in this photo. You can read how to make them on Home Goes Strong. The fun of preparing hobogies, especially with friends, as well as eating them is today’s Antidote to Worry!

Pair your hobogies with drinks from my post Refreshing Summer Drinks.

What is your antidote to worry?

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