While shops experience brisker business on weekends, blog traffic slows, at least mine does.

So I’m posting this shortie today, hoping for weekend visitors.

What I’m about to write is one of those things I wouldn’t give a second thought to, were I not examining myself all the time for the very

water vessels

gaggle of cups on the kitchen counter

purpose of writing about it.

The trick is to catch myself either in the act of something quirky or in the act of something everyone does, but no one thinks to talk about, sort of like how we don’t talk about the conversations we have with out dogs.

So here’s what I think is a quirk, but do let me know if you do this too: I save drinking water. Let me explain.

I have these under-the-sink filters that make the Potomac River potable as it comes through my kitchen faucet. I treat this water with the same respect I give my homemade chicken soup.

For one thing, ever since I went four years without realizing I was supposed to change the filters annually—not realizing they were in canisters that were clear plastic, not brown—I try not to tax those filters unnecessarily.

Plus, ever since I got kidney stoned, I drink buckets of water every day, either hot water with lemon or room temp with nothing in it.

So, if I’ve been out with my stainless steel bottle of hot lemon water and now I want to have regular water in that bottle, I pour the remains of the lemon water into a separate cup for later. This routine leads to a gaggle of cups on the kitchen counter.

Tablescape, Cafe Matisse in Washington, D.C.

Tablescape, Cafe Matisse in Washington, D.C.

It’s a similar look to my place setting at restaurants, where I request a half glass of white wine, half glass of red, tap water, fizzy water and sometimes hot water. Oh and a large glass of ice for my white wine.

That’s it for now.

Oh, by the way, do check out my meaty post, Thanksgiving: Moist Turkey, Vegetarian Recipes, Appetizers, Desserts, DIY Centerpieces, Giving Thanks, Entertainment Tips. Just as with my inability to select one color of wine, one flavor of water, I seem unable to narrow down my titles to something pithy.

Do you do hoard water or other things? I’d love to hear about that and other quirks!

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