Worrywart Logic

Lately I’ve noticed how logical I’ve become. Two cases in point:

1. When saying good-bye to someone who is embarking on travel, I no longer say, “Have a safe trip.” That raises the spectre of an unsafe trip. So lately I say, “Have a great trip,” applying the subset logic that if it’s a great trip, it will also be a safe trip. Of course when I say it, what I’m thinking is Have a safe trip.

2. I have these velour jogging pants that turned out to be too short from the day I bought them several years ago. Even when my weight remains unchanged, I notice that my clothes seem to shrink over the years. In the case of the velour pants, however, suddenly this season, when I put them on, the length was perfect. Yay! Then I realized why: I’ve shrunk, the way we do by the time we are in our sixties.

It reminds me of a party game my parents once played with their friends. They asked everyone how tall they were and then measured each guest. You can guess what happened. If interested, you can read more about this as well as about my parents’ other party games.

I am happy my mind is still logical enough to solve the mystery of why the pants fit. Old pants finally fitting is one very good thing about being 66.

Other good things about being 66:

15% senior discount on Amtrak.


Naps. And even if you don’t nap, the house is quiet enough to nap if you want to.

No more PMS.

Fewer years remaining to endure global warming, income inequality, religious fanaticism, violent crime, earthquakes, terrorism, newly discovered deadly micro-pollutants, politicians (stretching the truth here, as most of my entertainment derives from politicians), safe trip worries, pants that don’t fit; in short, fewer years of worry remain.

What are your favorite things about getting older?

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