Dog Shaming

Casey acting ashamed

I got into our new box of SOS and shredded the pads and discovered how good the soap tasted. When Mommy came in and shrieked, I ran away. She scolded me. I pretended to be ashamed.

But then while she was cleaning up, I came back to lick the blue soap that was all over the kitchen floor. She yelled at me again and I noticed how blue my paws were from the SOS pads.

So I quietly padded off to my spot on the couch (well, to my spot on the blanket that covers the part of the couch where I once dug a hole). And while Mommy was scrubbing the kitchen floor, I had a swell time licking the soap from my paws.

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In the comments, I (Susan) would love to hear about your dog’s shame-worthy mischief.

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