Tom Cruise and Scientology and More About a Man I Like to Dislike



I had heard that Tom Cruise was on the list of Least Influential People of 2012. So I clicked through 30 slides on the GQ website and found Jerry Sandusky’s lawyer, but I didn’t find Tom, one of the people I most like to dislike. (My personal organizer told me never to say hate, that if you do, it goes through all the veins in your body.)

Maybe Tom is too irrelevant to rank among the least influential along with Donald Trump and number one on the list, Mitt Romney.

I consider myself a very tolerant person. I have friends who are Republicans. But Scientology? Given what I know about that and the lives it has ruined, I cannot accept Tom Cruise and Scientology any more than I can accept the Ku Klux Klan. Okay, a dot or more more.

In addition to Tom’s Scientology, I take issue with Eyes Wide Shut, the film he was in with Nicole Kidman, when they were still married. It is one thing to wach a pair of actors having sex on the silver screen and quite another to be put in the role of voyeur when the actors are a real-life couple: exhibitionist and creepy. (I know, I didn’t have to go see it.)

As for his height, let me first say, I have a decided preference for short men—at least romantically—those who are in proportion to my 5 foot 4 in stature. The other night when Cruise was on The Daily Show, he stood for quite a while before sitting down and looked bizarrely out of proportion to John and to his former self, as though he were wearing stilettos.

Recently a puff piece in The New York Times talked about how he does his own stunts. Might insecurity about his height may have something to do with all of his jumping between buildings and onto sofas?

Scientology, silver screen, and stilettos aside, I ought examine why I have a stronger reaction to Tom than I do to, say, Jew-disliker Mel Gibson. Might there be a tie-in to Tom’s looks? His pretty boy face is annoying, but if he were hugely likable, I fear I might find him attractive (feels icky just to write that), which probably makes me like dislike him all the more.

How do you feel about Tom?


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