Antidote to Worry: Lettuce Wraps

healthy lettuce wrap for worrywartWith bathing suit season approaching, everyone seems to be calorie conscious. Lettuce wraps are one of my favorite snacks. Try making a sandwich using lettuce leaves instead of bread. Often I add chopped hot peppers before wrapping up.

As an alternative, I tear pieces of deli turkey and eat them with forkfuls (or pinches or handfuls) of arugula. The strong arugula flavor dominates and all you need is the blandest turkey to add texture as well as protein.

Sometimes instead of turkey I use thinly sliced prosciutto with lettuce or arugula or spinach—only a slice or two at a time of the meat.

Prosciutto wrapped with asparagus is another delight and, though it seems important when served at a cocktail party, all you need is some leftover asparagus stalks and a slice of prosciutto for a quick snack to eat over the sink or for a pleasing lunch on a plate.

Speaking of leftover asparagus, I always make at least double veggies, so I’ll have some for the following day. Try swishing cold or room temp leftover broccoli in a vinaigrette or simply in oil and your fave vinegar. YUM!

Tip: In the above photo, you’ll see cinnamon that I have sprinkled on the counter; this is a natural repellant to the ants that aim to take up residence in my kitchen this time of year.

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