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I wondered about my worrywart cred when it occurred to me I’d written a recent post without a hint of worry in its content. This is especially notable given that it was titled What Do You Think About When You Are Not Thinking About Anything Else?”

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Capturing happiness

What is worry, after all, if not random thoughts of doom? I attribute my current untroubled thought stream to a tip I’d read in a comment on the New York Times article, “Waiting for the Other Shoe to Drop” or maybe it was a comment on the more mundanely titled, “How to be Happy.”

Did I really become a complacent worrywart because of a Times reader’s tip? If so, how much effort must I devote to the New York Times’s comments sections to solve all my problems?

Before I saw the tip, immediately upon awakening, I would check in with myself to see if I felt happy enough. My metric changed over time: it’s forever since I lowered the happiness bar from eager to jump out of bed to just not wanting to stay in bed.

But I did more than check on my happiness quotient; I compared myself to others. At risk of confessing my lowbrow tendencies, I’ll share an example: Kathie Lee Gifford, who along with Hoda Kotb hosted the 4th hour of “Today” on NBC.

Granted KLG is some ten years younger than I am, and not someone I am particularly attracted to, but still, she wrote and directed a film in Scotland and wrote songs she produced in Nashville, seeming to be in both places at once while continuing to co-host “Today.”

Why then does it take me a whole week just to write a short blog post? I’d wonder and compare.

Getting to the point, I’m bursting to share my tip. Maybe I’ve been procrastinating here, because I’m worried it will be anti-climatic. Maybe you’ll say, “I knew that.” Now I’m thinking, I ought to come up with something better.

But I soldier on to post this, because the New York Times says, It’s Never Going to Be Perfect So Just Get it Done.

So here ya go—the tip: Stop asking yourself, Am I happy enough? That’s it!

How do you ward off troubling thoughts?


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