Product DetailsAt times it’s a challenge to dream up worries to write about. For one thing, my busy blogging schedule helps keep my usual disaster scenarios at bay. For instance, I haven’t worried about bedbugs since yesterday.

Other times I get excited about three ideas at once and can’t settle into writing one so I end up with none.

Not only that. I’ve been working on a piece called “Embarrassment Shmembarrassment” about the nicknames I call my hound Casey, but I’m worried it’s neither embarrassing enough nor worrisome.

I just read a New York Times headline that says, “Blogs Wane as the Young Drift to Sites Like Twitter.” Thank goodness it gives me something to worry about. Do I put it on my list of worry topics or dive in and risk another start-stop?

In addition to the Embarrassment post, I’ve recently started and stopped “The Retirement Home” and “Am I a Tiger Mom or a Tadpole Mom?”

I get stuck, questioning whether I give the reader enough meat along with my narcissistic meanderings. I had to scratch Tiger Mom altogether after my oldest daughter told me “Everyone’s writing about being an Animal Mom, Mom.”

Self-doubt crept in. I assumed other writers would do it better; readers would think it a banal way to explore my mothering foibles.

It’s even hard to ponder a question without being disingenuous, because there’s nothing you can’t Google. Like, I could worry about how to deal with my inability to pick up a book and remember what happened where I left off.

But I just Googled that very question for an article on memory, and I learned among other things I should go back and read the first sentence of several preceding paragraphs.

I want to do my part to keep the Young from Drifting to Sites Like Twitter. But I’m either devoid of ideas, or I have trouble keeping my mind on just one idea from my worry list. Frankly, I’m worried.

What’s a blogger to do to hold your attention aside from posting 140 characters on Twitter?


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