I like Oprah not Opera.
Country not Classical.
I prefer Silence to any Music at all.

I choose Breakfast at Tiffany’s over My Dinner With Andre.
I’m all about Story, not at all about Historay.

Some words whose meanings I never retain
Are insipid, insidious and Machiavellian.

I’d rather eat turkey than go to Turkey.
Or Albequerque.

I’d rather watch “Survivor” on TV
Than Shakespeare, who baffles me.

BTDubs, how does anyone grasp what Shakespeare states?
I have the same problem with the Williams, Wordsworth and Butler Yeats.

Is it like “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
Whereby no one knows what he claims he knows?You've Got Mail Poster Movie 11x17 Meg Ryan Tom Hanks Parker Posey Greg Kinnear

I love movies with Meg Ryan
Or Doris Day.
And I’d rather play in the snow
Than go to a play.

I like Grandma Moses
And Norman Rockwell.
Children’s art is also swell.

Neither lowbrow nor highbrow is this:

I can relate to the wits
Of a 23-year-old Miss
Whose dress with Clinton’s cum stain
Uncleaned in her closet remained.
Given that souvenir, I’d’ve done same.

Once at an auction in ‘97
A friend and I bought lunch
With journalist Fineman.
When I said what I said about Lewinsky’s blue dress
He looked up from his soup (at me) in distress
Like he’d bitten hard into an olive, with a pit no less.

Why am I telling you this?

Playing in the snow

It gives me neither pride nor shame.
It’s just who I am.
But I wonder if I’m all alone
Peering into a smartypants zone.

And I wonder about you
Whether you have lowbrow tendencies too.


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