Easter Egg Roll 2012

Today was a day off from worry at the Easter Egg Roll 2012 for both POTUS and me. The sun shown on the White House lawn and some 30,000 visitors got to frolic and glimpse the First Family.

Most children seemed to be having a swell time, the parents were the happiest people there, and President Obama’s khakis were a perfect fit.

IMHO we have not had such charismatic residents in the White House since the days of JFK. And though Kennedy was the ultimate charmer and his wife was beautiful, the Obamas have charm, beauty and one more thing: Their family—as a whole and individually—exudes happiness, contentment, self-assurance and togetherness. They seem to genuinely like one another.

Enjoy this visit to Easter Egg Roll 2012!








If you have a moment, I’d love to hear your thoughts about the occasional photo show like this one. I have pictures I took of some outrageous hats from the Fifth Avenue Easter Parade Sunday in New York.

See my new article:

And, in case you haven’t seen these dazzling eggs:


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