“Mommy Died Today”

“Mommy died today” and “mum died today” showed up recently alongside other searches that led readers to my blog, searches like “why do they hug at the end of snl” and “my husband is a fuss pot and a worry wart.”

Several times a week, searches, such as “mother died today,” land on my blog because of the post I had written on July 2, 2011, the day my mother died, called “Mother Died Today.”

It’s a helpless feeling to know these daughters and sons must be grieving, and I am unable to offer words of comfort or a hand to hold. That’s why I’m writing this, a condolence note to those whose moms just died.

I hope you find comfort in the love you have had and in treasured memories of your mom. 

(Maybe it’s because the trite sayings are true that I find little to say that sounds original.)

I have heard that sometimes it’s best to just listen. So please, if you would like, leave a comment and I’ll be listening.
I welcome everyone to offer condolences and memories of their moms and loved ones.

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