The splendid thing about being a worrywart with a blog is that you awaken worrying how you’ll come up with an idea for your next post, even though you know that one worry after another will pop up into your head all day long like a CNN ribbon winding itself around your amygdala. . .

And then you go to a new physical therapist because of back pain related to the hip replacement you got four months ago and the therapist wants you to have an xray and you say I’m worried about too much radiation and he says (which you’ve heard before) it’s no different from a round trip to Cleveland, to California if we take three images.

worry wart hip replacement

Then the two of you get into a whole radiation conversation in which he asks did you know that radiation on planes comes in through the windows and you need to keep the shade at least half-closed?

And you’re amazed that knowledge of this threat has eluded you your whole life and this worries the bejesus out of you because when you lived in China and Hong Kong and flew back and forth all the time, including with your three daughters, you never closed the shade nor have you ever closed the shade on the octillion flights you’ve taken to visit your mom in Florida and you are so pleased because now you have something to write about, just as you figured you would when you woke up but worried anyway.

And now you begin to worry about what to write after this.  Ideas welcome.

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