6 Things I’m Less Worried About Than Other Things

1. I occasionally allow a fan to whir overhead in my bedroom despite a lifelong fear of decapitation by ceiling fan.

2.  I eat in restaurants, even though there’s the possibility that a waiter (annoyed by my requestsCucumber Salad for tastes of wine, glasses of ice, dish of lemons, sauce on the side) could spit on my artichoke or pee on my cucumber salad, like my friend’s brother, a cook, once witnessed.

3.  I rarely worry that an airplane will tumble out of the sky into my backyard.  Or onto my roof while I’m sleeping.  I sometimes think about it, but I don’t generally worry about it.

4. I pick up my mail from the box on my front stoop, even though I could get unabombed.

5.  When someone reaches out his/her hand to greet me, I shake hands, overlooking the risks, because my need to avoid making the person uncomfortable exceeds my need to avoid sharing the person’s pathogens.

6.  I periodically send email notifications of my posts and articles to hoards of folks in my address book, even though I worry that recipients will: think I’m a pain, think I’m vain, have disdain, have their interest wane, go insane.

What things are you less worried about than other things?

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