There’s a gadget for everything these days, I’m pretty sure.

I’m not worried about this gizmo, ‘cept I have no memory of how it got in my kitchen drawer.

And I’m really curious what it’s for.

It seems to be a scooper of some sort.



For mashed potatoes? Or something that had froze? Or unfroze? Or doughs?

But then what’s the hole on each side of the silver hemisphere about?

It’s not a lemon juicer. I have one of those.              And that’s not how the juice comes out.



How do you Google what something is when you don’t know it’s name?

Trying to figure this out is like a lateral thinking game.

I could try to describe it in a search.

But it’s more fun if you help me out of this lurch,                                                                                                  So I can ditch the gizmo woe and instead get gizmo mojo!



If I had already fulfilled my fantasy of ordering Worrywart t-shirts,

I would make this a contest to attract some kitchen-gadget experts.

And, for my blog, new converts.

I’ve heard Web surfers love contests and t-shirts.

How embarrassed should I be if no one gets back to me

with either a clever guess or the solution to my quest?

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