Asking God For Things

A worrywart can benefit from a connection to God.  If I believed prayers were answered, I wouldn’t need to worry anymore.

Even though I’m an agnostic, I consider my relationship with God a pretty good one.  Like those halfway-decent, parallel-play marriages between two independent sorts, God and I go into our individual orbits, then come together now and then for some support (for me).  I like to think He understands our lopsided arrangement.worry wart religious

He can bet on hearing from me when any of my kids or I are about to be airborne.  Then, after I know a plane one of us is on has landed, I repeat in quick succession “Thank you, God” four times.  Four times, that’s the way it always comes out.

I do a lot more thanking than asking and not only because happiness gurus are always promoting gratitude as a path to well-being. It just seems as though He would appreciate that.  For instance, if a poppy seed is stuck between my teeth and I begin rooting around in my purse for a toothpick and one stabs my finger right away, a silent “Thank you, God” for not wasting my time comes out automatically.

On the other hand, I impose considerable restrictions on asking for things.  This is an effort to amass credit for future health and safety needs.  So I never request anything like a good parking space or that the roof will stop leaking, even when it’s gushing in the middle of the night.

Although I wish I didn’t worry so much, this system with God and me is working out so far.  Thank God.

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