Note to those of my peeps to whom Twitterspeak is as foreign as Uz-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan-ese: You may not want to slog through this one. If you do, RT means retweet.

I spend a lot of time on Twitter sharing links to articles I write.Twitter I Art Poster Print by Asia Jensen, 12x12

I have cultivated a variety of followers. Yet, how do I hold onto my vegan followers when I tweet a tip about crisp golden turkey skin? It’s a delicate balance.

Will my followers who are writers drop me due to my lowbrow leanings after I tweet a link to a Survivor recap, written by my daughter, the two-time “Survivor” contestant?

Will I ever learn to tweet smarter so I won’t need to read every single one of @TweetSmarter’s tweets, when I ought to be writing instead?

Aren’t I and my obsession with tweeting links to my articles–which distracts me from writing those very articles–just like those travelers who spend all their time recording details with cameras and journals rather than, well, traveling?

What is the Twittiquette (twettiquette?) for using hashtags like #recipes to find foodie Twitter users and then tweeting to several of them the link to my Eating Technique post?

I’ve gained followers doing this, but recently the tactic led to what seemed a troubling interaction with @BuzzEdition.

@BuzzEdition tweeted:

Quick Holiday Appetizers To Make Now & Serve Later! bit.ly/vJRIFm #recipes #holiday

@susanorlins tweeted in reply:

Planning to #eat this #Thanksgiving? Consider technique & share yours! bit.ly/u2C3ER PLS RT!

@BuzzEdition replied (Noteworthy that Buzz has some 66,000 followers):

so basically I’m not someone you want to connect with on twitter, but I am someone you want to spam with RT requests? #NoThanks

@susanorlins replied (mistakenly believing Buzz had asked what people were thankful for, but turns out that was someone else I’d spammed):

Tx for taking time to enlighten me. Still learning the ropes. Happy Thanksgiving. To ans qn, I’m thankful 4 my fam, of course

@BuzzEdition replied:

I am impressed. Thank you for answering. And I wish you and your family a happy holiday!

Enter @RockTique, who has been tweavesdropping:

Sorry to snoop on that little chat there but I’m major impressed w/both of you! #AlwaysLearning :)

@susanorlins replied:

Aw kind of you to comment!

Next I get a message that @BuzzEdition is now following me.

I am loving this connection with Buzz and Rock and decide to follow Buzz.

@susanorlins tweets to BuzzEdition (her name is Susan also):

Susan, tx 4 the follow! I’m writing a post abt challenges of Twitter. Wd u mind if I incl our encounter & your twitter name??

@BuzzEdition replies:

Sure, but read this and you will know more about why I did it. bit.ly/ohaoHn

This link is loaded with scary warnings, like Twitter will expel spammers like me.

@susanorlins thanks Buzz:

Tx & tx for the link to your great, helpful post! I’m writing abt all the things that worry me re using Twitter. Lots of qns!

Buzz replies:

Good luck on it…and happy holidays! ~hugs~

Buzz tweeted hugs to me! Aw! Feeling joyful,

@susanorlins replies:

Tx and to you and yours too! I’m thankful to have met you!

Five days go by before I begin spamming again, but this time I either follow each spamee or try to tweet something substantive, other than just my link.

So now I shall tweet the link to this post to @TweetSmarter.

Will @TweetSmarter click on the link? Comment? Will he tweet this to his 306,230 followers? Will it matter? Will I get nearly 1,000 visitors that day and the next day drop back to triple and double digits of visitors?

Hoping my tweeps will chime in with twadvice on tweverything Twitter in the comments below!

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